Our Hardware is Titanium: "Own It for Life"

Titanium marine hardware from Titan is forged, cast or fabricated using the ultimate metal, to supply your boat with completely corrosion-proof fittings. Own the Best! It is perfect for use in a seawater environment. Our hardware supplies the solution for all of the issues that confront marine applications involving metal exposed to seawater. Titanium has great advantages over other marine supplies. Hardware made from other materials fall short. It's just that simple. When you purchase from us it saves you money because hardware and supplies from Titan will never corrode or rust...ever! Unfortunately, stainless steel does corrode. Also, titanium is one of the strongest metals (approximately 40% stronger than stainless). It is also one of the lightest metals weighing 40% less than stainless, approximately 80% less than bronze and 50% less than brass. It's perfect for racing...stronger, lighter, faster. Marine hardware and boat supplies from Titan are stronger and lighter than stainless steel and you can say goodbye to rust forever. See more reasons why Titanium Hardware is superior to Stainless.

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Marine Hardware  Titanium Hose Clamps
  • Shackles
  • Bow Shackles
  • D Shackles
  • Snap Shackles
  • Swivels
  • Snap Hooks
  • Pad Eyes
  • Eye Straps
  • Plates
  • Sail Rings
  • SAE # 4
  • SAE # 8
  • SAE # 12
  • SAE # 16
  • SAE # 24
  • SAE # 32
  • SAE # 36
  • SAE # 44
  • SAE # 52

  • Thru Hulls
    Titanium Thru-Hulls

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