Why Titanium?

"We feel that our shackles, swivels, snap hooks, folding pad eyes, eye straps, sail rings and perforated plates are the best on the market; not to mention our hose clamps and thru-hulls."

It Doesn't Corrode!

This attribute of Titanium is the most significant in the marine sea water environment. Titanium has been used in saltwater applications almost since the discovery of the metal in the 1950's. Industry sources indicate continuing usage of the original Titanium equipment after 30 years of constant saltwater immersion has produced no measurable corrosion. Other saltwater applications with water temperatures as high as 500�F has produced the same result: no measurable corrosion. Titanium's corrosion resistance is due to a stable, protective and strongly adherent oxide film. The film forms instantly when Titanium is exposed to a trace of air or water.

It Saves You Money!

Since Titanium will never corrode, you won't be spending your hard earned money for replacement parts that have been destroyed by rust and corrosion. Titanium: "Own it for Life."

It's Strong!

Titanium is approximately 40% stronger than Stainless Steel, depending on the relative grades of the two metals. In fact, Titanium has the highest strength/weight ratio of any metal.

It's Light!

Titanium's relative weight, at minimum, is 40% lighter than Stainless Steel. As mentioned above, Titanium has the highest strength/weight ratio of any metal.

More About Corrosion

Listed below are some, but not all forms of corrosion that have virtually no effect on Titanium in a seawater environment:

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